Providing tailor made fleet insurance solutions to any businesses has always been an area of expertise.

Still regarded as one of the most volatile classes of insurance, it’s imperative that your broker has the ability to arrange solutions that are specific to you and your organisation.

Our risk management offering is a fundamental piece of the jigsaw.

We have experience in helping our customers in improving poorly performing fleets concentrating on the types of claims, drivers involved and frequency of accidents.

It’s a fact of business: when motor vehicles are involved in your operations accidents are likely to happen. No one can predict when the next incident will occur or how severe the results might be for your driver, passengers, and others involved in the incident; or to the surrounding roadway or property. What is known is that the application of modern safety management principles to road safety can significantly reduce accident rates, injuries and property damage, in some cases by more than 50% whilst also reducing maintenance costs, lost time and fuel consumption.

Depending on the risk profile and particular requirements of any fleet we can offer access to the appropriate risk management services.

Whatever your fleet size and irrespective of vehicle profile we are able to design a fleet insurance package to suit your business requirements, which will provide you with tangible benefits both in cost and efficiency by ease of administration.

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