As a business which operates within the food sector, you will be familiar with the onerous legislation and regulation which you need to comply with. Contamination, fire hazards, deterioration of stock, supply chain risk management and property risk control are just a handful of the operational, financial and regulatory challenges you may come up against.

If you are not insured by a specialist wording which can offer protection against these risks, you could be putting your business and your livelihood at stake.

Food safety, product recalls, advancements in technology and adverse media coverage have all contributed to this sector’s growing set of exposures, as have the commercial pressures generated by consumer requirements for readily available and value for money products.

How you develop and implement your risk management plans and communicate these to the insurance market will be essential in minimising the total cost of your insurance. We can offer bespoke wordings from specialist insurance providers to the benefit of our customers, which provide cover specific to the industry.

Our knowledge and experience has been gained working with companies from all different parts of the food and drink sector – from small family run businesses through to the large national organisations.

We can assist with:

  • Deterioration of stock (temperature, dampness or dryness) – blended property damage/increase in cost of working limit
  • Condemnation of undamaged stock – undamaged stock condemned by a regulatory authority
  • Recalibration of quality control equipment
  • Unavoidable betterment of machinery
  • Undamaged property insured (covers the reduction in value of undamaged property following damage to other insured property)
  • Adulteration and contamination of stock (coverage for damage to stock stored in temperature controlled environments as a result of unauthorised access, computer viruses or a denial of service attack to the insured’s computer network

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