With products and components so complex and with such a variety of applications, it can be difficult to evaluate the full extent of risk exposures that plastics industry businesses face on a daily basis. Our understanding and knowledge in this sector enables us to ensure that your insurance programme provides the breadth of insurance protection that you need.

We understand the complexity and diverse nature of the plastics industry – from injection and slush molding to thermoforming and extrusion.

Our knowledge of the key issues and risks you face include:

  • Patterns, Moulds and Dies – reliance on bespoke items not readily available ‘off the shelf’
  • Stock – potential issues with fluctuating cost of raw material (due to increases/change in crude oil prices)
  • Undamaged plant/equipment – condemnation or decreased value of items (due to damage sustained elsewhere)
  • Product Recall implications – costs of recalling faulty products/batches
  • Third Party Financial Loss – sustained as unable to fulfil an order their end due to an incorrect product from you
  • Environmental Liability – waste disposal/pollution control
  • Health & Safety – susceptibility to workplace injuries due to reliance on machinery, chemicals and hazardous goods

We can tailor individual solutions to include cover for:

  • Patterns, moulds and dyes (including damage sustained at third party premises)
  • Flexible stock indemnity (i.e. fluctuating cost of polymer)
  • Undamaged Plant/Equipment
  • Flexible Business Interruption/Gross Profit limit of loss
  • Product Recall
  • Financial loss
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Risk Management contributions/Health & Safety guidance

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