Management Liability Insurance

As a director or senior executive, every decision you make and increasing responsibilities arising out of your normal day to day operations can expose the company and its Directors and Officers to expensive claims and legal costs.

Faced with the risk of losing personal assets, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the Directors and Officers liability insurance cover in place to protect both your business and your personal assets.

Growing regulation and an increasingly litigious society mean that your business and its directors face an ever-growing exposure to claims. With associated legal defence costs, even winning a legal case can be an expensive process.

Claims can be made against the Entity, Directors and Officers within your organisation from your shareholders, fellow directors and employees through to your creditors, funders, customers and regulatory bodies. This should be seen as an important component to your Insurance portfolio.

Designed to provide cover for legal defence costs and, where appropriate, any final settlement or compensation award, we can design solutions to cater for losses resulting from wrongful acts, including:

  • Damages, judgements, settlements, crisis costs, PR costs, prosecution and defence costs
  • Legal representation expenses
  • Costs arising from extradition proceedings
  • Tax contributions where the company has become insolvent and personal liability ensues
  • Actions between directors of the same company
  • Employment-related wrongful acts
  • Whistle blowing
  • Pollution defence costs

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In today’s world, claims alleging professional negligence have become an almost inevitable part of professional life.

If you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice, services or designs to a client, Professional Indemnity insurance provides cover for the legal costs and expenses in defending the claim, as well as compensation payable to rectify the mistake.

We are able to provide innovative Insurance solutions that are developed and delivered to our clients, with the overriding objective of providing certainty of protection and peace of mind.

Our ability to provide pragmatic risk advice and dovetail these to your requirements enables us to arrange robust Professional indemnity covers ensuring that you are not vulnerable if a claim is bought against you.

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