Recent cyber events have had significant financial and reputational implications for some of the world’s most sophisticated businesses, reiterating that cyber threats must be addressed and managed.

No business is immune from these threat. It is estimated that nearly 50% of UK firms lack advanced cyber defences, even the most robust defences can be breached.

The threats of a security or data breach are wide ranging and can include the extraction of data from malware deployed, to a full on cyber extortion attempt. Such exposures may significantly damage organisations reputations, which could seriously undermine public confidence in a company’s brand, products and services.

A cyber liability policy is a valuable addition to a business’s defence strategy, particularly where first party losses are concerned and where immediate access to specialist expertise is required to mitigate a loss.

Combining our specialist knowledge of the industry sectors we serve, with a strong understanding of the ever changing landscape of cyber liability insurance; means that we are ideally placed to design and place the right cyber liability coverage for a range of businesses.

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