We have expert knowledge and understand all aspects of the risks that data centres face.

Whether it be risk prevention related to the unique infrastructure or the complex area of contractual liability and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), our professionally qualified individuals can work with you to create bespoke data centre insurance solutions.

With the ever increasing changes to legislation relating to data storage and the regular emergence of new cyber risks, it is critical that owners and managers of data centres have the correct insurance in place.

Managing existing programmes allows us to cope with overseas operations and co-location. Additionally, we are able to keep abreast of the issues affecting data centres and are constantly tracking new developments in this sector. We have arrangements with specialist insurance providers who can provide the precise cover required to manage the risks that data centres face.

We are well versed in the world of cyber risks and exposures and understand how the changes to both the Data Protection Act and PCI regulations will affect data centres operators and the increased level of enquiry these changes will bring about for them.

We are proud members of TechUK Data Centre Group.

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